The following sets out the terms set forth by H Square Development hereafter referred to as MathZone.
You the reader will hereafter be referred to as Client.

The client understands that MathZone under the POPI act, may not share/divulge/grant access, of the client’s information to any other party. The POPI act protects the client’s privacy against sharing information with a third party, which will be deemed illegal in such actions. 

The client understands, that should he/she click submit, you give MathZone permission to phone you to schedule an appointment. The appointment will be for an in-house demonstration (at the clients residence) or remotely VIA TeamViewer; as specified by the client. 

The following rules are set out to protect the client.
The client is not obligated to purchase the software for the full amount at once. MathZone can offer affordable down payments for their products.MathZone offers card facilities and the purchase is not limited to a cash transaction.The client is not forced to purchase the software after the demonstration.

The following rules are set out to protect MathZone.
The client understands that the demonstration is per household.The client understands that the purchase of the software may ONLY be used by that household.

MathZone is part of H Square Development. MathZone website http://www.mathzone.co.za and https://www.MathsZone.co.za
Any website not listed as http://www.mathzone.co.za or  https://Mathszone.co.za does not form part of MathZone or H Square Development.