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Perfect for any student between Grade R & 7. All the wonderful features to help your child master Spelling and Maths. (Download Only)


Software Features


Relevant to the syllabus

Math Zone is appropriate according to your child’s age and grade and is used to reinforce concepts taught in class and to keep up with fast moving pace of the school’s curriculum. Don’t play catch up, Keep up!


We all know how taxing a school term can be, right? With Math Zone it is all about convenience. One program can benefit all children in the house. No driving back and forth to extra tuition. Saving you precious time!
Convenient learn from home
User-Friendly software


Incredibly easy to use Educational Software with voice prompts and instructions. Videos are available where a specific method is applied.

Exceptional Value​

Math Zone has created the perfect “One-stop-Shop”! Math Zone software contains a multitude of features like:
  • Number specific exercises with videos to support methods
  • Manually increase/decrease difficulty level by adjusting your number range
  • Printable computer generated worksheets with memos
  • Test your Knowledge sections & Immediate Feedback
  • Number specific exercises with videos to support methods
  • and many more..
always Available-24-7

Available 24/7 - fit it into an already congested schedule!

With extracurricular activities your child’s daily program might be congested at times. But with Math Zone you have flexibility to fit your math lessons into available and convenient time slots.

Like a Private Tutor

Math Zone has videos to support methods where necessary and on top of that an instant remedial function to show your child what the correct answer should have looked like…step by step, which means effective learning can take place.
Like-Private-Tutor at home
Improves-Self-Study at home

Improves self study

Discover how easy this program can develop the motivation for self-study. Each activity has a video to enhance learning by supporting learners who might have a reading deficiency or worse, Learners who struggle with auditory processing. Independent studies have proven that by hearing and seeing, your child retains up to 70% of the information putting your child in the position to excel in their schoolwork.

NO INTERNET NEEDED to operate the software

Math Zone is a Windows based software program which is downloadable. Once registered, no internet access is required unless you wish to upgrade your current version. Math Zone is there for safe for young children to use without the hassle of parental supervision to you.

Each child work on their own strength of learning

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ZERO Distractions (ADHD)

Math Zone has no animation when you reinforce your lessons thus zero distraction. Math Zone’s clean, simple and neat interface enhances learning
Zero-Distractions ever
Download now -Instant-access via internet

Instant Access

Math Zone software is available for download now.
Automatic registration after installation…No hassle!

Get Instant Access to the software after purchase and start immiately

Safe & Secure

We have gone the extra mile to ensure your information is safe & secure. Our system is SSL encrypted, rest asured that your online purchases with us are always safe & secure


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