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In 2000 Hendré  applied for a  position as an Educational Software Consultant.
In the years to follow he excelled at Sales by listening to what parents wanted and realised the enormous need for great, successful and cost effective Educational Software for South African Learners.

Meanwhile, Tiekie started her career in the same Company in the Administrative Department and later  promoted to a Public Relations Officer of the same Company introducing Educational Software Solutions to Foundation Phase Department Heads of both Private and Public Primary schools.

A couple of years down the line Hendré & Tiekie decided to combine their  20 years of skills.

Hendré understood what parents wanted and expected from Educational Software.

Tiekie had invaluable insights from Teachers.

Best of Both Worlds…and so Math Zone was borne!

Why we do...
What we do...

In 2001 Tiekie Papenfus started working for the same Company Hendré worked for, and her main objective was to liaison with Primary Schools across South Africa.

After a plethora of meetings with Principals, HOD’s and Remedial Professionals, Tiekie realised that Educational Software should be a live system that evolve with the Learners and frequent Curriculum changes, but that she had no power over the current development and in 2012 she and Hendré decided that they need to have that ability to supply the School and Learner exactly what they needed.

With yearly, relevant upgrades we would be advancing learners to achieve their own and personal best.

…And the rest is history as they say!

Brand Atributes

How We Can Help You To Help Your Child...

We’re always ready to assist you to help your child. 

Should you feel you need further information we offer personal ZOOM demonstrations to show parents how Math Zone and Spell Zone can ease the learning and consolidation of important concepts.

Math Zone helps children to keep up with the fast moving pace of the syllabus!