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Voted as the Best Educational Software in South Africa by Foundation Phase Department Heads to assist Learners in Syllabus based Maths & Spelling on your Home PC!

Bilingual,  CAPS alligned and perfect from Grade R-7!

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Full access on Math Zone & Spell Zone!

Get Full Access on the Math Zone & Spell Zone from Grd R-7!

Math Zone & Spell Zone consists of the following:

Math Zone Complete bundel

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Full Access To The Complete Collection of Educational Software in Maths & Spelling Grade R - 7

Available in Afrikaans & English
One Computer Accommodates 4 Learners


Fondasie fase wiskunde sagteware

Give your Child/ren an advantage as early as 4 years old by building a strong Foundation in Perceptual Skills in preparation for Grade 1. 

The System eliminates feelings of anxiety and uncertainty while learning important skills. Get peace of mind that your Child/ren will be ready for the start of their School career.

Included in Offer

Spell Zone Complete

Spel Zones Sagteware vir kinder opvoeding

Grade 1-7 Spelling program (available in Afrikaans & English) to Assist Learners through Visual and Auditive Spelling excercises.  Improves Learner’s Vocabulary as well as their spelling ability & reading skills.  Printable Worksheets to assist Learners with writing skills and correct spelling. 

 Included in Offer

Video Zone™

Fondasie fase wiskunde sagteware

Access to an archive of more than 250 method driven videos to assist Learners to better understand methods.  Visually stimulating and Auditive to support Learners with Reading difficulty in order to solve math problems.

Included in Offer

Worksheet & Memo Generator

Spel Zones Sagteware vir kinder opvoeding

A Truly Unique & Remarkable Feature!  

Generate Unique Worksheets with Memos for easy marking.  Helps to build confidence in newly learnt concepts. 

It’s all about Perfect Practice!

Included in Offer

Why wait for a Report Card?

Identify fall-out areas in your child's syllabus immediately when using our built-in Diagnostic System!

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